Brixham Community Partnership Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the Brixham Community Partnership will be help on the 12th May at 7pm at Brixham Rugby Club. Everyone is welcome, please see the Agenda below to find out what we will be discussing on the night!!

The main parts of the night will be hearing from BATS about their exciting plans and also we will get to hear about the next steps in the Ageing Well Project. We will also be electing a new Steering Group for the coming year!!



Police Report May 2014 – May 2015

Pls see attached PDF which is the Crime Figures for Brixham for past 12 months, compared to previous 12 months.

Crime Figures


As can be seen, there was 67 less crimes committed in 2014 compared to 2013. 

The areas of concern these figures highlight are: 

Sexual Offences – This is a national trend and the increase is in crimes recorded, rather than crimes committed.

It is known as the Saville effect.  There has been a large amount of historic reporting of sexual offences in recent months.


Burglary Dwellings – We had a spate of Burglaries in Brixham, mainly around the Furzeham area.  The burglaries were of insecure properties. This coincided with a increase in Theft from Insecure Motor Vehicles.

We undertook proactive patrols of the area, including checking door handles of cars and contacting the owners of the insecure vehicles. 

We had a good idea who were committing these crimes.  We targeted the individuals using covert and overt tactics and eventually arrested 4 males after chasing them through the streets of Furzeham (as reported on Brixham Police Facebook page) 

We are continuing to target the known prolific shoplifters and if you read the Herald Express, you will see the same names being caught and convicted, resulting in short Prison sentences.  This has reduced our overall shoplifting figures, but we are still dealing with a number of very minor thefts (less than £2) which are usually school age children. These are being dealt with appropriately. 

Brixham Police Facebook page is doing really well with 1459 people having ‘liked’ the page and receiving the most up to date news (The Herald Express usually cut and paste the pictures and stories from the page onto their website) 

In the week 26/04/15 – 02/05/15 the Facebook page reached 15,779 people.!/pages/Brixham-Police/215399358651654




PS 6376 Steve CAYLESS
Neighbourhood Team Leader for Brixham

Churston, Galmpton, Berry Head with Furzeham, St Marys with Summercombe

Brixham Police Station

Ext 4501
Mobex 871873

Direct Dial 01803 884101

Brixham Hustings Event

Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6 Picture 7 Picture 8 Picture 9 Picture 10 Picture1

The Hustings Event which the BCP hosted on the 18th April was a great success, the laid back arrangement of the Speed Networking really worked and meant that members of the Public were able to chat one to one with candidates without being drowned out by the more vocal of our clan!!

The Mayoral candidates were really interesting and many people queued up to speak with them, during the Q&A session they all agreed that Brixham Council had the potential to be very strong and emphasised the need to work together.

Issues such as the Precept was high on the “Hot Topics List” and Brixham was informed that legally the Mayor has to give us our money back!! Other issues were around how the Mayors would work with Brixham and ensure their voice was heard at Torbay Council.

The Town Council Candidates had a great day too, with the ABC and Independent groups able to put both points of view across, particular emphasis was placed on what would actually happen if ABC got a majority. Other topics discussed were to do with the Threshers site, Tescos and again working together!!

Many Thanks goes to all the candidates Volunteers and the Town Council for helping make the day go to plan. Special Thanks goes to the Young People who Volunteered from Youth Genesis.

2015 Brixham Hustings Event

On Saturday 18th April 2pm – 5pm the Community Partnership will be holding a Husting Event at the Scala Hall where candidates for both the Mayoral and Brixham Town Council will be available for members of the public to talk too.

We have tried to be creative with the format of the event whilst trying to ensure that the public get the best opportunity to speak to candidates about issues that really matter to them. Therefore we decided on a Speed Networking format where the public get to spend a short time with each candidate before moving onto the next. This will mean that everyones voice will be heard.

We will be providing free Tea and Coffee on the day so come along and find out more about the people who want to represent you at the next Council.

Hustings poster

Brixham Community Partnership


The Brixham Community Partnership welcome you to our Webpage/blog where you can find minutes of Public and Steering Group Meetings. You will also be able to find out when these meeting s are on and have the opportunity to tell us what issues you would like to be discussed at meetings.

You will also be able to find out what you can get up to in the Town, with our Brixham Groups page which will have updated information which will come from our annual Celebrate Brixham events.

Any Brixham Community Partnership events will also be advertised and a link to the Town Council Website will enable people to find out event more information about what’s going on in Brixham!!

Finally if you would like to contact the partnership our Contact page will hold all relevant information and also the names of Steering Group Members!